Rivendell RAMBLE Information -- Saturday, September 19

Click HERE to download a registration form for the 2015 Rivendell RAMBLE.

Check out the Events page for information about the upcoming Rivendell Ramble. This year's Ramble will be on Saturday, September 19, with events centered around the Rivendell Academy and Sunday Mountain.

Trail Closing Notice

The Cross Rivendell Trail between Patterson Mountain and Hawkins Mountain in Vershire is currently closed due to trail conditions. We are working to make the trail in Vershire accessible again as soon as possible. Until then, please refrain from using the trail in that location. Hawkins Mountain remains accessible from the west, from Colton Hill, and Patterson Mountain remains accessible from the east, from Vershire Center Road.

Our Sponsors

The Cross Rivendell Trail would not be possible without the support of our individual and family members and local businesses. Support includes memberships, financial sponsorship, and other donations -- such as items for our annual auction, food for the Rivendell Ramble lunch, supplies, and time from employee volunteer programs. Thank you one and all for your support!

Our major business sponsors are: